Unemployment – not as fun as it used to be

Last week, my internship officially came to an end. It was bittersweet; the office took me out for drinks and showered me with compliments. They even said I could come back and freelance, which we all know is where the money is. I felt good about this start on my life, ready to take on another resolution!

It’s one week later, and I fear for my sanity.

It’s difficult budgeting your own time, especially when you have only one thing to do and a thousand ways to go about it. I’ve spent much of this week compiling tailored resumes and cover letters, spending hours on documents that will get looked at for ten seconds if I’m lucky. Many of them I am probably not experienced in and about 90 percent of the writing jobs are for journalists with experience in business and technology. Don’t you think if I was versed in business or technology, I’d be smart enough not to be a journalist?

This is a graph of how effective certain job-searching approaches are. A majority of my effort falls into the green piece of the graph. Perhaps I need a new strategy...

It hasn’t been all bad, but I could really use a hobby. I tend to distract myself with totally necessary side projects, like organizing my closet by color, type and assigning the appropriate hanger, as you do. Whenever I feel like I’m going stir crazy by being in the apartment all day, I relax myself with an episode of Hoarders. Terrible guilty pleasure show, but always makes me feel normal. The city isn’t going to condemn my living space, and I don’t have boxes upon boxes of Jesus-related paraphernalia collections. I’m doing just fine.

Even though I’ve whined to anyone who will listen (sorry K-mart cashier), it’s occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, I need to get over by dramatic reaction to being bored and restless. I should be grateful for the luxury of time to get a job. Seriously, how lucky am I? I’ll use this disdain for unemployment as the ultimate motivation.

Besides, I have these dreams of me getting punched in the face by an actress turned cater waitress living in a Brooklyn studio apartment with five of her friends. Let’s be honest, I’d have it coming.


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